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Woman broadsided by a tractor-trailer truck awarded $20 million

| Mar 21, 2013 | Firm News |

Marina Rivas was struck by an 18,000 pound tractor-trailer truck driven by J.B. Hunt’s truck driver Jeffrey Gaines, as he ran a red light. The collision caused her vehicle to careen off the road and crash into a pole, destroying the driver’s compartment of the car. As a result of the accident, Rivas suffered a cervical bulge, requiring surgery, and a traumatic brain injury, resulting in memory loss and concentration problems. (Case # BC436965)

Originally, Gaines attempted to flee the scene, but was caught and later pleaded ‘no contest’ to criminal charges.

According to her lawsuit, Rivas claimed J.B. Hunt negligently trusted its tractor-trailer to Gaines, who had been hired and fired by J.B. Hunt twice in the past. He also, had a history of safety violations, including failing to report and attempting to cover up traffic accidents according to court documents. Gaines was dismissed for a waiver of costs and J.B. Hunt accepted liability. The jury awarded Rivas over $7,000,000 for future medical expenses and $12,000,000 for her pain and suffering.

Rivas continues to suffer from serious cognitive impairments and chronic physical pain as a result of her injuries. She has not been able to work since the accident and has had to move in with a family member who must act as her caregiver.

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