Workers in California and throughout the country who are 40 or older may fall victim to age discrimination. However, there are many ways that they can combat the perception that they lack energy or don’t know how to use modern technology. One way that individuals can show that they are still relevant is to become early adopters of new technology. This will show that they enthusiastic about learning and using modern tools to do their jobs better and in less time.

It can also be a good idea to learn about current clothing and grooming trends. Taking simple steps such as getting a haircut or making updates to a wardrobe can make an older person more relatable to younger workers. Older workers are also encouraged to get plenty of sleep and look for other ways to keep their stress levels to a minimum.

Doing so may help them maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance at work. Regardless of how old an employee is, it is important to learn and maintain strong interpersonal skills. These skills can be used to develop relationships with colleagues and managers that may prove useful in advancing an individual’s career. Older workers should note that their experience alone won’t necessarily win them the respect of their colleagues. Instead, they must be ready and willing to earn that respect over time.

Individuals who believe that they were victims of age discrimination may want to file a lawsuit or take a case to mediation or arbitration. An employment law may attorney be able to help such a client obtain a favorable outcome. An attorney may use hiring records or other evidence to show that a company wrongfully used a person’s age when making an employment decision.

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