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What happens when foreign transaction errors appear?

| Jan 30, 2021 | blog, Consumer Rights |

California residents may choose among several ways to pay for things when abroad. Local currency, traveler checks and credit cards all provide ways to buy goods and services. Those preferring to use a charge account might accept the necessary and accompanying travel fees. Unfortunately, foreign transaction fees may drive up balances, and there could be instances when a credit card shows an improper foreign transaction.

Mistakes, errors and improper transactions could happen

A credit card holder might find a foreign transaction fee affixed even when the user purchased something in the United States. However, the purchase took place online. For example, a person in Beverly Hills could discover a foreign transaction fee for booking a hotel room through an overseas company.

Upon noticing that a domestic purchase turned up as a foreign transaction, a user may contact the credit card company to inquire. If it turns out that the fee was applied in error, the company might remove the charge.

Concerns about foreign transaction fees

Consumers will find it helpful to read all the terms and conditions associated with their credit card account. If the card presents terms that aren’t agreeable, transferring the account to another, more preferable credit card company could be an option.

Reviewing information related to foreign transaction fees can prevent surprises. Someone traveling overseas might not realize that they will pay far more than expected when using a costly charge card.

What happens when credit card companies refuse to remove erroneous charges? Remember, customers have rights. Filing a dispute might be an option. In some cases, a client may hire an attorney to address errors and debt collection harassment.

If foreign transaction errors take place, credit card users may need to address the mistake. Legitimate and erroneous transactions might lead to more debt, so getting a consumer rights attorney’s help is recommended.

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