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Consumer rights to fix credit report errors

Many people don’t take the time to think about what’s listed on their credit report until they’re applying for a loan, a mortgage or a new vehicle. However, the information found on a credit report might make doing those things nearly impossible. Consumers in California should be informed of their consumer rights and know-how to identify and correct errors that may be found on their credit reports.

Personal information errors

It is entirely possible for a credit bureau to mix up the information between two people. Perhaps they have similar names, the same date of birth or some other form of identifying information. Regardless of the cause of the confusion, ensuring that the personal information, typically found at the top of the credit report, is correct is the first step to validating the information found on the report.

Incorrect account information

Being informed about the number of open credit accounts that a person has is highly encouraged. Through fraud, identity theft and honest mistakes, it is possible for credit cards and other accounts to be opened under the name of an individual who never requested them. The process of recovering from identity theft is a tedious one, so having that information removed from a credit report may take some time.

Errors in account reporting

The status of an account can also show up incorrectly on a credit report. Out of the items that fall under the umbrella of account reporting, late and missed payments are among the worst. Keeping verifiable records of payments that are made is a solid way to combat this type of credit report error.

In the worst-case scenario, it may be necessary to seek an attorney who works in consumer rights when dealing with errors on a credit report. An attorney may take the necessary legal action to have inaccuracies fixed so that their client’s credit report is factual.