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Workplace issues usually have a way of derailing even the most dedicated employees. A good work ethic and a strong track record of being a responsible and hard worker don’t help if you’re being harassed at work or discriminated against for factors outside your control by the people who make decisions.

Unethical bosses typically thrive on your fear of losing your job to perpetuate their unfairness in the workplace. However, you don’t need to live in fear any longer. You can take matters into your own hands and take legal action against anyone who commits illegal acts against you in the workplace.

At the Law Offices of Todd M Friedman, we pride ourselves in fighting for our clients’ rights. We are dedicated to ensuring all employees work in safe and healthy environments free of discrimination and those that are respectful to all workers regardless of their race, gender or disability.

Who Is an Employment Lawyer?

Also called a workplace attorney, an employment lawyer represents employees dealing with legal claims, disputes, or violations related to employment law. Employment lawyers specialize in workplace laws and are crucial in shaping how employers treat their workers. They help resolve disputes between employers and employees or issues between co-workers.

They help protect the rights of workers and also protect employees from exploitation. For the outlined reasons, it’s always important to consult an employment lawyer Los Angeles to protect your interests, rights, and future in your workplace.

What Kinds of Claims Do Employment Lawyers Handle?

Employment lawyers handle various claims in employment law. The most common claims employment lawyers handle include:

Workplace Discrimination claims– Workplace attorneys can help employees find help from employers who discriminate against them based on factors outside their control. Some common discrimination claims include:

  • Age discrimination– Where an employer will deny you an opportunity based on your age alone. Ageism in the workplace usually affects older employees who can get fired, denied a promotion or a raise because of their older age.
  • Disability discrimination– The Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that employers should make reasonable accommodations for all employees with any form of disability. However, the lack of clarity usually leaves people with disabilities at the mercy of employers. Some employers use disability as a reason to withhold various benefits, including pay, training, hiring, or promotion.
  • Gender discrimination– Gender discrimination can take many forms, including unequal working conditions, unequal pay, sexual harassment, and pregnancy discrimination. Although gender discrimination usually affects women in the workplace, men can also get discriminated against in some circumstances.
  • Religious discrimination– Where an employer will discriminate against you based on your faith

Sexual orientation discrimination– Whoever you choose to be in a relationship with doesn’t affect your ability to deliver as an employee. Sexual orientation discrimination occurs when an employer uses your sexual status to create harsh working conditions.

Racial discrimination: Occurs when an employer or co-worker chooses to discriminate against you based on your skin color.

Sexual harassment– Where someone in your job withholds employment benefits unless you consent to sexual contact.

Wrongful termination– Refers to an employer firing you without reason or after you’ve blown the whistle regarding their workplace misconduct

How Can an Employment Lawyer Help You?

An employment lawyer works to protect employees’ rights by ensuring employers follow federal and state laws and regulations. If your employer acts illegally, you can sue them under the following laws:

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers overtime pay and wages
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) provides the standards for a safe working environment
  • The Employee Retirement Income Security (ERISA) protects employee benefits, including pensions
  • The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ensures workers get up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave every year in case of health issues
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prevents discrimination based on factors outside the employee’s control, such as age, race, sex, or disability.

When To Hire an Attorney

If you feel your employer or a potential employer unfairly treated you during recruitment or at work based on various factors, you are entitled to sue them. You should contact an employment lawyer Los Angeles if you feel your employer acted unfairly or went against the law.

Your chances of receiving compensation are slimmer if you choose to represent yourself since employment law can be a tough road to navigate. However, having a workplace attorney present to walk you through the procedure and answer your question helps.

An experienced attorney will help you build a case within the statute of limitations to ensure you have a shot at getting compensated for any violations by your employer. They will also offer guidance throughout the process, especially if you’re still employed.

Has Your Employer Wronged You? We Can Help

Issues in your workplace can be stressful and challenging to handle. Always talk to your human resources manager first if you find yourself a victim of discrimination or in case of a violation of employment law. If your HR fails to resolve the issue, the next step is to get in touch with an attorney.

If you feel your livelihood is under threat due to your employer’s or colleague’s actions, you can rely on the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman for help. We will offer you the aggressive representation you need to win in court. To learn more about the types of claims we can help you with, see:

Not sure you have a case? Talk to us. We offer free initial consultations to anyone looking to learn more about their options. You can take advantage of this opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can clarify your situation and walk you through any issues you may have.

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What is workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination exists when an employer treats an employee less favorably due to factors based on their color, religion, gender, or disability.

Is pregnancy discrimination legal in California?

Under both federal and state law, an employer is prohibited from discriminating against women based on pregnancy and is required to make reasonable accommodations for their pregnant employees.

If I sue my employer for harassment, will I still have a job?

You can sue your employer and still retain your job. Under federal and state laws, employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who file lawsuits against them.

How do I know if I was wrongfully terminated?

If your firing violated any terms in your contract, was retaliation on your employer’s end for whistleblowing, or was due to discrimination, you were wrongfully terminated and can sue your employer.

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