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New White Paper: Fighting Unequal Pay for Women

It seems that women making less than men for the same skills and performance has been a problem throughout this country's history. Although everyone should know that paying women less than men is illegal and unethical, the practice continues.

However, recent California case law is opening the door for women in the workplace to bring successful claims against employers who engage in this practice. Our new white paper: Opening Doors: A New Way To Protect Women's Rights In Equal Pay Actions, addresses these issues and will help you understand your rights and options.

Todd Friedman Interviewed on KABC's Motorman Show

Our Founding Partner, Todd M. Friedman, was interviewed on the Motorman Show this weekend on KABC regarding the CA Lemon Law. Some very interesting topics discussed. Click on the link here to learn more about your rights as a consumer. 

New Standard for Employee Classification

For years, one of the most common and complex problems in employment litigation involves the classification of a worker as either an employee or an independent contractor. This important distinction has been left unclear for years, making it difficult to determine whether an employer’s designation of a worker as an independent contractor is legal.

However, a recent California case has brought some clearer standards for this legal determination. Clearer standards will minimize unnecessary litigation and protect employees from exploitation.

Dangers of Dispute Resolution Clauses in Employment Contracts

They’re often called “boiler-plate” clauses, and most employment contracts are filled with them: those little subsections in a contract that are pre-written and appear very official, stipulating all sorts of small details about the agreement. These clauses cover everything from vacation and paid time off to various benefits and diversity policies.

One of the most common, and potentially most dangerous, clauses in an employment contract is the dispute resolution clause. If you are entering into a new employment contact, it is important to understand dispute resolution clauses and to understand your rights.

The problems with payday loans

With the challenging state of our economy in the United States, it makes sense that many people fall into financial challenges from time to time. For some, it seems like the only way to cover costs between paychecks is a payday loan.

However, these payday loans should be avoided unless there is no other choice. In addition to unethical lending practices, these payday loan companies commit a range of fair debt collections violations.

Sexual harassment legislation could be improving for the future

Historically, the laws surrounding sexual harassment have not been strict enough. This is obvious due to the fact that more sexual harassment civil claims than ever have been brought over this past year than ever before. It is clear that the legal protection for potential harassment victims is inadequate.

However, it looks this situation is about to start changing. Although it is not going to be an immediate or complete sea-change, it is important to celebrate every victory in this regard.

Protecting the rights of African Americans in the workplace

In 2018, we should be far beyond racism against African Americans in the workplace. It is nothing short of shocking to read that racial discrimination still exists in many American companies.

Yet this is the case. Although there are far less overt and explicit acts of racism, small forms of virtually undetectable racism continue to thrive in our nation’s working environments: finding excuses to not hire someone, over passing qualified workers for promotions, etc. Obviously, this type of discrimination is illegal and victims have rights.

Recently Published White Paper on Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment has gained significant attention in the media over this past year with the #MeToo movement and other initiatives. This is a positive advancement that has allowed more victims to come forward and fight for justice.

In the ongoing struggle for protection against sexual predators in the workplace, our law firm is dedicated to helping women and other victims obtain justice.

Employers cover discrimination with false reasons for termination

The problem with most cases involving workplace discrimination is that they are not terribly obvious. As a general rule, employers aren’t going to send a memo to an employee, in writing, saying “we are firing you because we don’t approve of your sexual orientation,” or “because you have become too old.” If employers were this transparent, employment discrimination cases would be easy.

But employers don’t communicate this clearly or honestly. When employers discriminate, they almost always use other reasons for their actions. If you have been fired for something that seems too small or insignificant, you could be a victim of discrimination.

The Feds Are Getting Involved With Sexual Harassment Cases

Most women who have been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace feel like there is little to nothing they can do to protect their rights. At most, they might consider calling a lawyer but they still usually feel like they are on their own.

There is good news for at least one harassment victim: The federal Justice Department is getting involved. The possibility of the entire weight of the federal government standing behind workplace harassment victims could have a major impact on the employment landscape for years to come.

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