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Top Three Businesses Violating California's Phone Privacy Laws

The right to privacy is important to pretty much everyone in the United States, and we know there are laws to protect this right. There are many activities that are prohibited in order to protect citizens’ privacy. The recording of phone calls without consent is one of the most important legal protections we have for our privacy.

However, there are many corporations, local companies and other entities in California that violate these privacy laws with some regularity. It is important to understand the law in California and know the most common groups who may try to violate your rights. In future blog posts, we will discuss warning signs of potential telephone privacy rights violations and your options if you think your rights have been violated.

Fight Back Against Telemarketer Robo-Calls

We have all experienced the frustration: The phone rings. The number on the caller ID doesn’t look familiar, but you answer anyway, and after the short pause the pre-recorded, automated voice begins trying to sell you something you neither want or need.

You have been robo-called. This is an extremely frustrating experience for the one answering the call, and in many cases, it is illegal.

What Does Gender Discrimination Look Like in the Workplace?

There are many people in today’s working environment who have experienced some form of discrimination or harassment. But there are still many people who might have experienced harassment or discrimination but they don’t know for sure. This is especially true in cases of gender discrimination: Many people are in situations that may or may not be considered discrimination but they are simply not sure.

What are the warning signs? What are the different types of gender discrimination in the workplace? Answers to these questions can give you the understanding you need to know whether you have a viable case.

Can employers use social media for employment discrimination?

You send in your resume and cover letter for a position you know you are qualified for. Your cover letter looks great and all the formatting is perfect – everything about it is perfect. Yet you don’t get an interview. Why?

If you are getting up there in years, could it be age discrimination? Many people would dismiss this notion out of hand because you didn’t put your age on the resume anywhere and how would they know? Social media.

New California Laws to Protect Employees

Although there are always individual situation that remain problematic, in general, these are exciting times for California employees. The laws and the courts are becoming increasingly favorable for employees in regards to fair pay, discrimination, appropriate work leave and other important issues.

California is on the cutting edge of the entire nation in terms of employment law and protecting the rights of employees in the workplace.

California diversity suit could improve workplace equality

When facing discrimination in the workplace, most people aren’t looking to change the world; they just want to be treated fairly. Rather than facing termination of employment, lower pay and other forms of discrimination, the desire is retain the right to earn a fair wage and provide for oneself and one’s family.

However, successful discrimination lawsuits do have the effect of improving the workplace for other workers in similar situations. When employers have to face discrimination charges, they will be more careful in the future in terms of how they treat their minority employees. Further, other companies take notice of lawsuits of this kind and change their tactics, as well. So a discrimination lawsuit can help the plaintiff and make the workplace more equitable for everyone.

Overaggressive litigation or protecting the rights of consumers?

Most of the media and news sources claim that there should be caps on plaintiff litigation, and they point out an increase in litigation as a problem. They paint a picture of plaintiffs' attorneys as hindering our society.

However, this painting looks significantly different when you look at it from the other side. The only problem caused by increased litigation is a problem for businesses violating the law or peoples' rights. Increased litigation simply means that more people are getting the help and advocacy they need.

Making sense of the Equifax security breach

When we use credit reporting services or other tools that require personal information, we have a right to expect these services to be safe and to protect our sensitive information from hackers and identity thieves. When the companies running these services fail to protect our identities and our sensitive information, they should be held accountable.

Most people know about the recent Equifax security breach. It is important to understand the details and to know your options if you are a victim of the security failure of Equifax.

Construction Workers Coerced Into Unfair Contracts?

In many situations in the workplace, it seems that the employer has all the power. When your boss tells you the job description or your classification as an employee might be changing, there seems like little you can do. In some cases, employers will even give their employees the simple choice: Either accept the new contract or find another job.

But what if the changes your employer makes are a violation of your rights? What if these changes are actually illegal? Employees throughout the country need to know that their rights are protected from the exploitation, wage-theft and misclassification from their employers.

Class Action Claims Protect the Rights of Consumers

Almost everyone understands how a lawsuit works. If someone is hurt or suffers damages as a result of another’s actions, the injured party can bring a lawsuit to recover the cost of the damages they have suffered.

But what happens when many people suffer damages as the result of one party’s actions? In these cases, the parties can join together and bring a class-action lawsuit. A class action claim is a great tool to help multiple parties receive compensation for damages suffered.

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