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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Many Californians have to buy an item they need on credit. In other situations, they may have to make payment arrangements for medical bills or bills connected with other important services.

Unfortunately, residents of this state can find themselves in a situation where they are unable to pay these debts. For instance, the loss of a job, a health problem or a family crisis can make it very difficult for a person to keep up with the finances.

Unofficial High Holiday can end in tragedy on the road

For over a generation now, those who support the more liberal use of marijuana in California and the rest of the country have observed April 20 as a so-called High Holiday. One custom of this countercultural observance is to ingest marijuana at around 4:20 p.m. on this day.

According to information compiled in a major medical journal, many people, especially college students, indeed planned to smoke marijuana on April 20. In states, like California, where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, sales of the drug tend to surge around this date.

Fighting Back Against Shattering Sunroofs

When buying a car or other vehicle, most consumers expect that every aspect of the vehicle will be as safe as possible, and if a car manufacturing company knows about a safety issue, the company will do whatever is possible to fix the problem.

But what happens if a car company knows about a safety issue and does nothing to fix it? Do consumers have any rights against auto manufacturers in cases like this? What can be done?

Victims of robocalls can fight back

Attorney Todd Friedman obtains class certification on robocall case.

Almost everyone receives automated marketing calls at one time or another. In addition to being universally annoying, they are also frequently illegal. However, what most people don’t realize is that victims of robocalls can fight back.

Understanding the subtle forms of workplace discrimination

When many think of harassment or discrimination in the workplace, they think of blatant examples like demanding sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or keeping a job. However, you may be unaware that while such obvious examples exist in workplaces across California, employees also endure subtler forms of harassment or discrimination.

Subtle actions or behaviors that are discriminatory or harassing in nature may seem harmless or even accidental at first. However, such actions can often become a pattern and lead to a hostile work environment for the victims.

Just because drivers can go faster doesn't mean they should

Like other states, California has in the past several decades increased its speed limits. Whereas it used to be that the fastest any motorist could travel even on the interstate was 55 miles per hour, nowadays, Californians may be allowed to drive at 65 or even 70 miles per hour without exceeding the speed limit.

While some may see this as a good thing since it cuts down on travel time, these higher speed limits may actually be causing more traffic fatalities than would occur were speed limits a little lower.

We assist those affected by negligent drivers

It is true that many traffic accidents in California and across the country are caused by drunk, drugged or clearly reckless drivers who care little for the rights of other people on the road. However, it does not take a malicious or poorly behaved motorist to cause an accident. All it really takes is a little inattentiveness or thoughtlessness.

Perhaps a motorist feels that he or she can make that one phone call or send that one text and be okay. Or, perhaps a trucking company, in the interest of the bottom line, is just not doing enough to make sure their drivers get the rest they need to operate their vehicles safely without also facing pressure from unrealistic deadlines.

How can a claim of false advertising be proven?

Businesses in California use advertising to tell consumers about their goods, and buyers rely on those statements when purchasing the item. False or misleading advertising is illegal because it is important to protect consumers, and ensure that they can rely on the information given to them in advertisements.

Under state and federal laws, advertising must be truthful and where appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. Truth-in-advertising laws are applicable regardless of where the advertisement appears. The Federal Trade Commission looks extra closely at items that would affect consumer's health or finances. Therefore, claims about food, dietary supplements, tobacco and alcohol are monitored closely.

Google will no longer bar employees from suing

If an employer discriminates against or wrongfully terminates an employee, it would seem simple that the employee would have the right to file a lawsuit. However, some companies have policies that make it more difficult for employees to pursue legal action.

Such was the case at Google, where the company policy forced employees to litigate disputes in arbitration. This process is a closed hearing paid for by a company and keep employees from joining together in class-action lawsuits.

High speed may be a factor in fatal car accident

Though it is one of the most common behaviors that people across the country engage in on a daily basis, driving is also incredibly dangerous. While many people go out and about and spend their lives without ever becoming involved in a car accident, thousands of others become injured or lose their lives in crashes on a daily basis. Their lives have become irrevocably altered by the actions of a single, often irresponsible, driver.

The dangers associated with driving were illustrated once again when a man was killed on California roadways recently. According to the California Highway Patrol, the fatal accident took place in the early afternoon, when a vehicle being driven by a 21-year-old struck a utility truck stopped on the side of the freeway to repair a flat tire. According to reports, the 21-year-old was driving southbound at 80-90 miles an hour when the collision took place. He struck the disabled truck after swerving. The accident victim died at the scene of the crash due to injuries sustained in the crash.

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