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Fighting back against annoying robocalls

There are certain challenges and inconveniences of life in the modern world that would have been inconceivable 100 years ago, things that would be nearly impossible to even explain to our great-grandparents. Pre-recorded “robo-calls” are perhaps on the top of that list of eccentricities unique to our times. Unsolicited calls – especially pre-recorded calls – are annoying and distracting, but attorney Todd M. Friedman is fighting back.

How bad is the problem of telemarketing and robo-calling?

The problem of unsolicited calls from collections agents and companies has grown to become an epidemic in our society. Telemarketers go through astonishing lengths to contact people. One of the most recent innovations is the use of “spoof numbers” so that the caller’s identity looks like the identity of someone you actually know.

Attorney Todd M. Friedman on CBS Philly – Fighting Back

Todd M. Friedman is an attorney serving clients in Calfornia and throughout the nation, and he is helping people fight back. He was featured on a recent news report for CBS Philly, attorney Friedman was quoted saying

“Anytime a telemarketer calls your cellular phone – or even your landline – using an automatic telephone dialing system, it’s a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.”

It is important to understand this: Without your consent, it is illegal for telemarketers to call you with recorded messages.

See the video here:

Companies can be forced to pay you $500 to $1,500 per call to your phone.

This applies to recorded call, but even non-recorded calls are illegal if you are on the National Do-Not-Call list. When they call you without your consent, you could stand to obtain from $500 to $1,500 per call they have made to you.

If you have been harassed by robo-calls to your cell phone or landline, the law is on your side.