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FTC Files Complaint Against Wyndham Hotels

The Federal Trade Commission, (FTC) has filed suit against Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and three of its subsidiaries, alleging failures to maintain reasonable security that led to three separate data breaches involving hackers accessing sensitive consumer data. The FTC’s complaint claims that Wyndham violated the FTC Act by posting misleading representations on Wyndham websites regarding how the company safeguarded customer information, and by failing to provide reasonable security for personal information it collected. According to the complaint, these alleged security failures led to unauthorized exposure of Wyndham’s customers’ personal information and caused financial injury to consumers and businesses through fraudulent charges and other costs.

In recent months the hotel industry has also been investigated for other possible consumer related violations.   The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently found that hotels charging mandatory “resort fees” at the time of checkout may be violating the law by misrepresenting the price consumers can expect to pay for their hotel room.

If you paid a “resort fee” to a hotel we would like to hear from you to determine if the “resort fee” was disclosed at the time of booking, and also to determine how many people paid these fees.  We are considering a class action regarding this issue.   If you would like to participate please contact my office, The Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman at (877) 449-8898.