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How can you deal with sexual harassment at work?

Women all over California have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. While most forms of sexual harassment are obvious, some forms are more subtle; sexual harassment can be so subtle that the woman might find herself wondering if her manager was hitting on her or just being polite. Here are some of the reasons why sexual harassment can be a challenging issue.

What scenarios make sexual harassment hard to determine?

Society has different expectations for men’s and women’s behavior, and this can result in a lot of miscommunication. For example, women are taught from a young age to be polite in all situations, even when they feel uncomfortable. Some men misinterpret their friendliness as attraction. As a result, they flirt with female employees and don’t understand why it can be considered sexual harassment.

Some jobs also have a toxic culture that allows sexual harassment to thrive. Sexually charged jokes might be so common that some employees don’t even see it as harassment. In their minds, they’re simply joking around.

However, none of these situations make sexual harassment acceptable. If a co-worker or supervisor makes an inappropriate comment, there’s nothing wrong with telling them that you feel uncomfortable. You can also report the issue if the harassment continues.

What should you do if you’ve experienced sexual harassment?

Dealing with workplace harassment can have major consequences. You might feel depressed and dread going to work every day. Worse still, you might have to leave and find a new job altogether. An attorney may be able to help you launch a lawsuit against your former employer. Your attorney may help you seek compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered.