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How to avoid telemarketing scams

Unfortunately, many con-artists posing as legitimate companies or charities use the phone to bilk consumers out of millions of dollars every year with rogue telemarketing schemes.

Fraudulent telemarketers will try to convince you that “It is your lucky day!” with promises of discounts or prizes, “if you act now!”

Fraudulent telemarketers will often times target seniors because they are home to get the calls, they usually have some retirement money saved, and they are often too polite to hang up.

If a company or charity is not familiar to you, research them with your state or local consumer agency and the Better Business Bureau.  Do not let anyone pressure you to act immediately!

It is illegal for any company to ask you to pay or buy something to win a prize, or to claim that paying will increase your chances of winning. That is why when you see contests from well-known legitimate companies they always say, “No purchase necessary.”   It is also illegal to buy and sell tickets to foreign lotteries by phone or mail.

A legitimate company should not refuse to send you written information about them or their product.

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