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Kaiser Permanente Sued For Wrongful Termination

Aimee Mansell, former Director of Patient Access Business Services for Kaiser Permanente won her wrongful termination lawsuit against them. According to Mansell she  was terminated after reporting what she believed was patient fraud.   She says in her complaint that she blew the whistle on her boss, Lisa Morrison, who had “devised a policy where Emergency Department employees, including Ms. Mansell, would collect an additional ‘triage’ charge from Emergency Department patients, or include the triage charge on that patient’s invoice for services.”

“On numerous occasions Ms. Mansell complained to her supervisors, human resources department, and managers at Kaiser about what she believed in good faith were different work related violations which were being committed by defendant Ms. Morrison and other Kaiser employees,” her court complaint states.   “A substantial factor in Kaiser’s decision to terminate Ms. Mansell’s employment was due to her fulfilling the societal obligation of reporting what she believed in good faith was patient fraud, and by protesting these triage charges which defendant Ms. Morrison had imposed or planned to impose on patient accounts,” Mansell says in her complaint.

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