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Reminder: Our new white paper can help you spot discrimination

When you feel you’ve been treated unfairly at work, it can be hard to know whether your employer’s actions reach the level of illegal discrimination. To help you evaluate the situation if this has happened to you, we recently released a white paper titled “Is That Legal? A Worker’s Guide to Spotting Employment Discrimination.”

We invite you to read our white paper to learn about your rights as a worker and the laws that exist to protect you from unfair treatment, including discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The paper discusses:

  • Who is protected by anti-discrimination laws?
  • What types of employer conduct may be illegal?
  • What remedies are available to workers facing discrimination?

If you think your employer or someone else you work with has broken the law, this paper provides a useful starting point for deciding what your next steps should be and whether legal action may be appropriate.