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What Does Gender Discrimination Look Like in the Workplace?

There are many people in today’s working environment who have experienced some form of discrimination or harassment. But there are still many people who might have experienced harassment or discrimination but they don’t know for sure. This is especially true in cases of gender discrimination: Many people are in situations that may or may not be considered discrimination but they are simply not sure.

What are the warning signs? What are the different types of gender discrimination in the workplace? Answers to these questions can give you the understanding you need to know whether you have a viable case.

Types of Workplace Gender Discrimination

A recent report in Fact Tank explores some of the various types of gender discrimination. While the article is primarily looking at various statistics (some of which are astonishing), from this list we can glean some important examples of gender discrimination in the workplace.

  • Earning less money
  • Treated as being incompetent
  • Repeated, small slights at work
  • Receiving less support from senior leaders
  • Being passed over for important assignments
  • Being turned down for jobs
  • Being denied deserved promotions

It is important to note that experiencing any one of these examples, or even a number of them, does not mean you necessarily have a winning discrimination claim. There is a lot that goes into proving a claim of this kind. The important thing is that you recognize the signs and take action right away.

If you think you might be the victim of gender discrimination, keep your eye on the signs and gather any evidence that might be available. Then call an attorney to discuss your case.

No one deserves to experience discrimination in the workplace. Get the help you need and fight back.