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What To Do If Debt Collectors Are harassing You

If you are receiving calls from debt collectors, whether they are your debts or not,  (sometimes debt collectors have the wrong contact information, but do not believe you when you tell them they have the wrong person) you should make a habit of doing the following:

  • DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.  Keep all letters,  including the envelopes sent to you.  Having all of the written communications could make a difference in winning your case!
  • TAKE NOTES!  If you speak to a debt collector, ask their name, and note the date and time of the call.  When the call ends, write down as much of the conversation as you can
  • KEEP A LOG. Keep the phone number log in your caller ID.  This is an easy way to make a record of the time of day you are receiving calls and the quantity of calls that you are receiving.

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