Is That Legal? Your Guide To Spotting Discrimination At Work.

Is That Legal? A Worker’s Guide To Spotting Employment Discrimination

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms, some obvious and some subtle. Would you know if it was happening to you?

At the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C., we have released an article designed to help you answer that question with "Yes." In it, we explain:

  • Who is protected from workplace discrimination?
  • What actions constitute illegal employment discrimination?
  • How can an employer discriminate by doing nothing at all?

If you suspect you have experienced discrimination or harassment at work, this article provides a good starting point for determining whether your employer has broken the law. Read Is That Legal? A Worker's Guide To Spotting Employment Discrimination to learn more about your rights in the workplace.

Click on the slide deck below for a presentation related to our white paper.