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As a productive employee, your focus is to do the best job you can for your employer. However, some situations are out of your control and can hamper your ability to do your job. Some of these situations are even illegal. You have protections under both federal and Illinois state labor laws. Do not wait to get the legal counsel you need. Seek help from an employment law attorney in Illinois.

If you believe you have an employment law matter in Illinois, reach out to the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman. Our attorneys represent employees throughout Illinois no matter what type of employment law issue they are facing. We strongly believe in protecting the rights of employees using our knowledgeable and seasoned employment law skills. From negotiations to trial, we can help you protect your right as an employee in Illinois.

Employment Law For Employees Throughout Illinois

Our law firm believes in protecting the rights of employees throughout Illinois. Whether you believe you are being sexually harassed at work or discriminated against because of your religion, race or sexual orientation or you have a potential whistleblower case, we can help you.

We represent employees in a wide range of employment law issues. Experience and dedication matter, and our Northbrook law office can provide that and more.

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To talk to employment lawyers who serve clients throughout Illinois, please call us at 312-815-2024. At our office in Northbrook, Illinois, our attorney can talk to you in a confidential and private appointment.

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