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California Protection of Consumer Rights

Nearly $1 Billion won for Employees, Consumers and Individuals
who have gotten a raw deal.

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‘The Customer Is Always Right’

This is not a view shared by many corporations and debt collectors in California and around the nation. Consumers are treated like a disposable commodity, with the attrition of unhappy customers built into the business model.

Where can you turn if your rights as a consumer have been violated? You can turn to the Law Office of Todd M. Friedman, P.C., in Woodland Hills. We focus on protecting the rights of consumers nationwide and holding unscrupulous parties accountable for their illegal actions.

We offer consumers honest and aggressive representation focused on obtaining compensation for the damages they have suffered. Call us today at or toll free at   for a free initial consultation.

Full-Service And Nationwide Representation For Consumers

Are debt collectors harassing you and your family? Has a dealership sold you a lemon? Are you receiving threatening text messages? You have rights as a consumer, and we can help you assert them. To learn more about our consumer rights practice, see the following pages:

Put A Stop To The Harassment And Mistreatment. Contact A Lawyer.

If a debt collector or other commercial entity has violated your rights, you may be entitled to financial compensation for damages. To determine whether you have a viable case, we encourage you to speak with our nationwide consumer rights attorney at your earliest convenience.
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