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Changing Landscape Of Workplace Harassment

Nearly $1 billion won for Employees, Consumers and Individuals
who have gotten a raw deal.

We're Ready to Fight Back. Are You?

Fighting Back: The Changing Landscape Of Workplace Harassment

Everyone knows that it has happened for decades, but the landscape has changed over the past year. From the spotlight that the #MeToo movement has shown on the issue to the increasing number of accusations and lawsuits,

sexual harassment is finally making national headlines.

The impact reaches across generations, genders and backgrounds. Victims of sexual harassment are now finding the strength to confront their fears and speak up, knowing they are not alone.

If you have concerns or questions about sexual abuse or harassment in your workplace, this white paper provides answers and will help you understand your rights. We cover:

  • Facts about sexual abuse and harassment
  • Who is affected
  • How to stop the behavior

A workplace free of innuendo, inappropriate jokes, sexual advances,
quid pro quo suggestions and other forms of sexual abuse or harassment is a basic right. If you no longer feel comfortable going to work, what should you do? Take a first step by reading “
Fighting Back: The Changing Landscape Of Workplace Harassment.” Knowing your legal options is the only way to put a stop to this type of behavior once and for all.



 See a summarization of our white paper:

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