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$105 million awarded to Starbuck’s baristas in tip-sharing class action lawsuit

Jou Chau  a former LaJolla, California Starbucks barista alleged that Starbucks supervisors were illegally forcing baristas to share tips with them since October 2000.  In court, California Superior Court Judge Patricia Y. Cowett ruled that Starbucks must provide restitution, with interest, of over $100 million to approximately 100,000 former and current Starbucks baristas who worked in California stores dating back to October 2000. She also granted an injunction prohibiting Starbucks from giving supervisors a share of the tips.

In California, only employees who regularly receive tips can be part of the tip pool. Employees can not be required to share their tips with employees who don’t usually receive their own tips, like dishwashers or cooks. And no employers are allowed in the pool.  In some states, managers or supervisors can be included, but not in California.

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