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$7 Million Dollar Settlement Reached After Woman Is Injured By An Automatic Door At Target

Target Corporation, as well as a mechanical door manufacturer, have agreed to pay $7 million to an elderly woman injured when an automatic door at the Target store malfunctioned and knocked her down causing a brain injury.

According to court documents, as Plaintiff , Claire Putman as was entering the Target store,  the door malfunctioned and closed before she had maneuvered through the entry. Putman, a petite, elderly woman, hit her head when she fell to the ground.  Then, her head was hit a 2nd time by the door when it continued to open and close.

Putman was rushed to the Hospital and diagnosed with a subdural hematoma.   As a result, she has suffered brain damage that has left her with some cognitive deficits and must live in a nursing home.

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