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A jury awarded a woman $23.4 million against Ford Motor Co.

Cynthia Castillo, 38, was driving her Ford Explorer on Interstate 15 in Riverside County, California when the tread separated on the left rear tire. The rear end of the Explorer fishtailed, causing it to veer right and off the interstate.  The Ford then rolled over several times and struck a tree. Castillo sustained serious injuries in the accident resulting in her becoming a quadriplegic and requiring a motorized wheelchair.

Castillon sued Ford Motor Company, the tire manufacturer Micheline North American and tire vendors Jaime Martinez and Alfredo Martinez, who were doing business as Corona Battery & Tire, alleging a design defect in the Ford Explorer.

The witnesses who saw the accident said Castillo’s car immediately fishtailed when the tread separated.  Internal Ford safety memos obtained during the litigation showed that Ford Motor Company was aware that vehicle easily lost control without rear tire tread.  Additionally,  engineers found ways to improve the vehicle’s safety, but management turned down their recommendations.

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