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A student awarded $937,500 after being struck by a cab.

Vanessa Stewart awarded $937,500 for her injuries after being struck by a San Francisco cab.

According to court documents, Stewart was walking in a cross walk when she was hit by a Yellow Cab driven by Ram Dhakal while he was making a left turn.  Dhakal allegedly kept driving after Stewart was thrown on to the hood and plummeted to the ground.  He only stopped at the demands of his passengers.

Stewart sustained a fractured pelvis, had to use crutches for several weeks and needed one year of physical therapy following the accident.  She was later diagnosed with arthritis due to her fracture.  She eventually had to undergo pubis symphysis surgery, which included the insertion of permanent hardware, to help relieve her pain. Dhakal and his employer, Yellow Cab Cooperative, conceded liability for the accident. The parties reached the settlement in mediation.

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