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BMW Reaches Settlement in Privacy Violations Class Action

BMW has reached a settlement in a privacy violation class action against them.  The lawsuit alleged that BMW recorded BMW Assist calls without first disclosing that the customer’s call may be monitored or recorded.   “Section 632 of the California Penal Code provides that all parties to the a telephone conversation must be informed of or consent to the recording of the conversation.”

The settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Skuro v. BMW of North America, LLC, that alleges BMW and its telematics services
provider, Agero Connected Services, Inc. violated several consumer privacy laws by allegedly recording BMW Assist calls without consent.

Class Members of the BMW Assist class action settlement include all individuals who connected to the BMW Assist program between October 13, 2009 and February
1, 2011 and the BMW vehicle owner was receiving benefits in the BMW Assist program with a California billing address. The settlement could affect anyone
who connected to the BMW Assist program during the class period. BMW and ATX deny any wrongdoing, but have agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement to avoid the expense of ongoing litigation.

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