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California diversity suit could improve workplace equality

When facing discrimination in the workplace, most people aren’t looking to change the world; they just want to be treated fairly. Rather than facing termination of employment, lower pay and other forms of discrimination, the desire is retain the right to earn a fair wage and provide for oneself and one’s family.

However, successful discrimination lawsuits do have the effect of improving the workplace for other workers in similar situations. When employers have to face discrimination charges, they will be more careful in the future in terms of how they treat their minority employees. Further, other companies take notice of lawsuits of this kind and change their tactics, as well. So a discrimination lawsuit can help the plaintiff and make the workplace more equitable for everyone.

Uber Discrimination Suit in California

A recent example of the kind of discrimination claim that can improve the working environment for everyone has come up in California recently. According to a recent report from Bloomberg Technology, three California women have filed a discrimination lawsuit against Uber, the extremely successful ride-hailing company. According to the article, the charges, which were brought by three Latina women, claim that Uber “pays women and people of color less than their peers and doesn’t promote them as frequently as males, whites and Asians.”

The article frames this lawsuit in the context of “the technology sector’s domination by white males.” Other recent high-profile suits in this line include claims against Microsoft, Google and Twitter.

Improving the Workplace Environment

With a lawsuit of this kind, there is now public awareness to the issues inside of the Uber corporation. This company knows that it needs to alter its approach to equal pay and promotions, and other companies are on alert that the discrimination laws in the United States are not just empty words. Employers will face serious legal issues if they fail to treat their employees fairly.