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Class Action Claims Protect the Rights of Consumers

Almost everyone understands how a lawsuit works. If someone is hurt or suffers damages as a result of another’s actions, the injured party can bring a lawsuit to recover the cost of the damages they have suffered.

But what happens when many people suffer damages as the result of one party’s actions? In these cases, the parties can join together and bring a class-action lawsuit. A class action claim is a great tool to help multiple parties receive compensation for damages suffered.

A Recent Class Action Worth $20 Million

According to a report from Counsel Financial, a recent settlement in a class-action claim resulted in $20 million for the plaintiff class.

The class action claim was brought against the ride share company Uber Technologies Inc. There are three distinct classes within the settlement, each with a distinct but related claim:

Class one: Uber texted this group repeatedly to promote its Refer-a-Friend program.

Class two: This class had incompletely filled out the driver application and the company sent repeated, unwanted texts to remind them to complete the application (even after they expressed that they want the messages to stop).

Class three: This group received general unwanted texts from the company.

With these claims, the plaintiffs received a significant settlement from their class-action suit against Uber.

How Do You Know if You Have a Class Action Claim?

Most class action claims emerge when a number of people start coming forward with the same problem. In the majority of cases that ultimately become class action claims, the first people who contact a lawyer about the issue don’t realize they are part of a class action at all. They simply suffered damages and contacted a lawyer to pursue compensation.

Also, a lot of class action claims involve a number of individuals, none of whom suffered serious, costly or life-altering damages. The power of the claim is in the number of people bringing the claim.

If you have suffered any damages from a product or service offered by a company, you should contact a lawyer right away. Even if you don’t think you have a significant claim, an experienced attorney could help determine whether you have a claim or whether you could be part of a class action.

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