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EEOC Sues RadioShack For Age Discrimination

According to the lawsuit, 25-year RadioShack employee, David Nelson, age 55 was assigned a new 43-year-old regional manager to supervise him. Within 4 months of the new supervisor’s arrival, Nelson, who had a spotless performance record, was placed on 2 “performance improvement plans.” Nelson believed that he was being discriminated against by his new supervisor because of his age and he complained to the human resources department about the discrimination. To Nelson’s dismay, within 5 days of the complaint, RadioShack fired Nelson, allegedly in retaliation for his discrimination complaint. (EEOC v. RadioShack, Civil Action #10-cv-02365).

In September, 2012, a jury awarded Nelson $187,706 in back pay on the retaliation claim. In addition, on February 27, 2013, a Federal Court Judge found that Nelson was entitled to liquidated damages of $187,706, front pay damages of $199,470, and an additional $101,657 to offset the increased tax burden. In total, the judgment was $674,938.

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