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Fighting Back Against Shattering Sunroofs

When buying a car or other vehicle, most consumers expect that every aspect of the vehicle will be as safe as possible, and if a car manufacturing company knows about a safety issue, the company will do whatever is possible to fix the problem.

But what happens if a car company knows about a safety issue and does nothing to fix it? Do consumers have any rights against auto manufacturers in cases like this? What can be done?

Todd Friedman Fighting Kia to Protect Consumers

In an ongoing product liability claim against auto manufacturer Kia, the company was denied its request to seal corporate documents.

Initially, the company said that keeping the corporate documents unsealed would put trade secrets at risk, and the lower court agreed. 

On appeal, however, the federal appeals court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, leaving the documents unsealed. The appellate court cited the “presumption in favor of public access” over protection of trade secrets in cases involving the safety of the public.

For years, Attorney Todd M. Friedman has been on the cutting edge of class action consumer-protection claims. This recent success in the Kia case is just one in a long line of consumer-protection litigation victories.

If you have been harmed by a shattered sunroof or other product defect, talk with an experienced lawyer to get the help you need today.