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Game Theory LLC investigated for sending unsolicited spam text messages to consumers

Game Theory LLC, a mobile-content corporation based in San Jose, California was investigated  for sending unsolicited spam text messages to consumers and then tricking them into signing up for costly texting services. Game Theory has agreed to correct its business practices and pay $500,000 in penalties for deceptive and fraudulent advertising of its premium text message service.

The Attorney General’s investigation found that Game Theory sent deceptive text messages to consumers duping them into signing up for monthly text messages at a cost of $9.99/ month. These charges appeared on the victim’s wireless telephone bill in a way that was difficult to detect. Consequently, consumers ended up paying for text messages they did not want before they realized they were being charged.

In several instances,  Game Theory sent text messages claiming that the recipients had a “secret crush or admirer,” and that the recipient needed to respond “yes” to find out who it was. However, in the process of finding out the identity of the supposed  “secret admirer,” the recipient was also unknowingly signing-up for a dating tip text messaging service for $9.99 a month.

Game Theory also sent similar messages in an effort to sell their text messages including “Someone thinks your hot!,” “You have 1 unread message,” and “Someone sent you a weird diet tip that works.”

In another deceptive campaign, Game Theory offered a wireless telephone application that allowed users to morph their personal photos. However, during the installation of the software on the victim’s  cell phone, they were again duped into signing up for $9.99/ month text messaging service.

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