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Help! I keep getting debt collectors calling me for someone else’s debt!

My office receives several calls a month from annoyed consumers, regarding debt collectors calling them about someone else’s debt.  I recently had a client call me complaining that he had been getting calls every day on his cell phone from a debt collector looking for a “Mr. Miller”.  He told the debt collector that he did not know who “Mr. Miller” was and to stop calling him, but that did not stop the relentless collection calls from coming every day.  It turns out  that “Mr. Miller”  had owned the phone number before my client and he had fallen behind on his debts and now the debt collectors were calling my client trying to track down “Mr. Miller”.   Unfortunately, this situation happens to many people every day.  You try to explain to the debt collector that, not only, are you not the person they are looking for, but in many cases you have never even been a customer of their company.   This issue is so prevalent that my office has filed many class action lawsuits against several well-known companies for this very behavior, including T-Mobile and Dish Network. If you have been a victim of debt collectors harassing you for someone else’s debt,  there are remedies available to you and if the debt collector is found to be in violation of the law (FDCPA, TCPA or Rosenthal Act)  you can be compensated.  You should notate the phone numbers, amount of calls and whether they are coming from a robo-dial system.   It is yet another violation for them to contact you randomly via robo-dial on your cell phone. I specialize in helping victims of rogue debt collector harassment and I can help you.  Please call my office, The Law Office of Todd M. Friedman at (877) 449-8898 to discuss your case.   For more information on how to become a participant in the T-Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

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