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Hidden injuries caused by car accidents

Southern California is experiencing a slew of high-profile car accidents between rapper Soulja Boy in a severe crash and several other car-related fatalities since the beginning of 2019.

With so many California drivers involved in accidents, it’s important to know what to look for after an incident and what injuries may be hidden from the naked eye.

Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the most dangerous and hidden injuries sustained in car accidents. Many drivers sustain concussions by hitting the steering wheel or violently moving their head. When this happens, they may not even realize they have any head injuries.

The most common signs of TBI are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, balance problems and blurred vision. Some symptoms may not start until hours or weeks after an accident, and without proper treatment, drivers may deal with permit brain damage.


The most well-known injury for car accidents is whiplash. Many drivers experience whiplash, but they suffer differently due to the movement of their neck or the severity of the crash. For example, an adult may have a cervical strain if the beck is forced backward and then forwards – common in rear-end crashes.

Even if the movement is minor, it has a significant impact on the neck muscles and the vertebrae. Some strains lead to a herniated disc which causes pain in the arms and legs. A herniated disc may require surgery or result to long-term disabilities.

Emotional trauma

It’s possible for drivers to have emotional scars after suffering injuries or witnessing a car accident. It may manifest into emotional trauma or even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some drivers may also develop a phobia of driving or being on the road after a serious experience.

If left untreated, the emotional trauma begins to tear down a person’s mental state and results in other diagnoses such as anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

All these injuries may remain hidden to a driver, but it will be apparent to a medical professional. It’s critical for anyone involved in a car accident to seek medical attention immediately after and follow the proper treatment plan.