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Is That Legal? Spotting Workplace Discrimination

Employment discrimination can take many forms, and not all of them are obvious. To help you determine whether your rights have been violated at work, our firm recently published a white paper entitled “Is That Legal? A Worker’s Guide to Spotting Employment Discrimination.”

This paper provides you with an introduction to some key laws and legal concepts that may apply to you if you suspect that you have experienced discrimination at work.

For example, did you know that even unintentional discrimination is often against the law? And that California workers are entitled to certain special protections above and beyond those that apply in other states?

To learn more about your right to be treated fairly in the workplace, we encourage you to read our white paper. After reading the paper, if you believe your employer has treated you illegally, contact the Law Offices of Todd F. Friedman, P.C., at  to discuss the specific circumstances of your situation.