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Major business facing sexual harassment lawsuits

In recent years, employees are finding the courage to file lawsuits against the employers who have either allowed sexual harassment to occur, or have been the source of it. Filing a lawsuit against billion-dollar corporations is no minor feat. Despite this, many people are still filing lawsuits.

Some companies are receiving lawsuits in different states, like Michigan and Florida. When repeated occurrences like this happen in multiple locations, it can feel like there is something in the water that is creating these environments.

Workplace culture needs responsibility

Sexual harassment can take many forms. It can appear through verbal comments, suggestions or solicitations. It can also appear as unwanted or repetitive physical contact. When an employee or employer is sexually harassing another employee, the company must take action to stop this behavior in its tracks.

When an employer turns a blind eye to this behavior, they are cultivating a toxic environment that is unsafe for anyone to work in. This kind of systemic sexual harassment and discrimination can make it impossible for any kind of workplace civility. Employees should not have to be afraid for their safety in the workplace.

This is where the purpose of these lawsuits come in. A sexual harassment lawsuit is not meant to be a cheap cash-grab. The purpose of these lawsuits is to send a message to all sexual harassers and the companies that are complicit to their actions that this behavior will no longer be anyone.

Employees are fighting back

It used to seem like a pipe dream to be able to hold massive worldwide corporations accountable for creating toxic workplace environments. With each passing day, that dream becomes more of a reality. When employees take legal action to hold sexual harassers and their employers accountable, they are creating a safer workplace for their peers.