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Man Awarded $65,000 As A Result Of Unwanted Robo-Calls

Dan Harris of Flint, Michigan was awarded $65,000 in a federal lawsuit following allegations that he received 56 unsolicited robo-calls from Alliance Data Systems in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Michigan state law. Harris reportedly received 56 robo-calls from August 18th to October 26, 2010 regarding a debt to World Financial National Bank that was not his.

“It’s a big win for consumers and puts banks and others in the collection business on notice once again that harassing phone calls will not be tolerated,” said his attorney in a news release.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits calls to a person’s cell phone using an automatic telephone dialing system or using a prerecorded or artificial voice message without that person’s express consent.

Harris was awarded triple damages for each call made after August 23rd; the date Harris first notified Alliance Data Systems that they had the wrong phone number and that he did not know the person who actually owed the money.

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