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Several Los Angeles Hospitals Sued For Employment Law Violations

The California Labor Commissioner, Julie Su has filed a lawsuit against several Los Angeles area hospitals, claiming they owe their employees $9 million in wages, and the State of California $52 million in damages.

Federal and state laws require most employers to pay overtime. The overtime premium is 50% of the employee’s usual hourly wage. This means an employee who works overtime must be paid “time and a half.”  In addition of Federal Employment Laws, California has a daily overtime standard, which means that nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime for every hour more than eight that they work in a day and every hour more than 40 that they work in a week.

According to the Commissioner, the following hospitals named in the lawsuit owe their employees at least these amounts in wages and interest:

Pacific Health Corp. – $300,000
L.A. Doctors Corp. dba Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center – $1.5 million
Tustin Hospital and Medical Center dba Newport Specialty Hospital – $1.1 million
Jupiter Bellflower Medical Center – $1.5 million
Anaheim General Hospital – $1.3 million
For failure to pay wages, the State of California seeks penalties of $100 for each initial violation, $200 for each subsequent violation, and an additional 25% of the unlawfully withheld wages.
The Commissioner is claiming the following is owed to underpaid employees that were not paid minimum wages. (California minimum wage is currently $8.00

Pacific Health – $100,000
Los Angeles Doctors Corp. – $600,000
Tustin Hospital – $400,000
Jupiter Bellflower – $500,000
Anaheim General – $400,000


Additionally, the State of California seeks the following amounts in liquidated damages from the named hospitals:
Pacific Health – $400,000
Los Angeles Doctors Corp. – $5 million
Tustin Hospital – $3.5 million
Jupiter Bellflower – $4 million
Anaheim General – $3.5 million

The State of California seeks another $1.1 million in overtime wages for the hospital employees, $900,000 for itself in liquidated damages, plus $5.2 million in waiting-time penalties.
The State of California seeks another $30.5 million in civil penalties:
Pacific Health – $1.5 million
Los Angeles Doctors Corp. – $8.5 million
Tustin Hospital – $6 million
Jupiter Bellflower – $7.5 million
Anaheim General – $7 million
Plus interest, additional damages and penalties

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