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Sexual harassment allegations against NFL team revealed

footballSexual harassment and other workplace violations have recently come under the microscope in California and across the U.S. That scrutiny is believed to have emboldened people to speak out if they’ve been victimized. Still, it occurs frequently and many remain reluctant to take the necessary steps to address these concerns. Recently, the Washington Redskins were confronted with allegations that female employees were sexually harassed.

These accusations have been revealed as the organization is dealing with publicity about its name. In the report, 15 female employees said they were harassed in various ways, including inappropriate comments about their appearance and requests that they dress provocatively. This occurred from 2006 to 2019. Only one of the women revealed her identity. The other 14 feared repercussions from having signed non-disclosure agreements.

The identified woman, 31, had started working for the club in 2014 in its marketing department. She asserts that she and other women accepted the sexual harassment because they were fearful of losing their jobs. Since the allegations emerged, several male employees have been fired or resigned. That includes two prominent members of the football personnel department and a radio broadcaster.

Team owner Daniel Snyder was not named, nor was the former president of the team, but victims think they must have known about it. The team is investigating the incidents. Despite increased attention to sexual harassment, this is an example of the longstanding roadblocks faced by those who were harassed. Fear that nothing will be done to the alleged harassers and the possibility of workplace sanctions such as demotions, failure to advance, dismissal and more are a challenge. That’s why someone who has been mistreated should think about their rights. A legal firm with experience in helping people with their employment cases may be able to assist with a claim for compensation.

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