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Sexual harassment case involves woman’s supervisor

While the following bit of news isn’t happening here in Los Angeles, California, it does highlight some key points about the workplace and how sexual harassment lawsuits function.

A woman who used to work as a medical supply coordinator filed a lawsuit against her supervisor and her employer after her supervisor’s sexual advances and comments left her feeling “scared, violated disgusted and powerless.” She said she always felt on guard when she was around her supervisor because she didn’t know what he would say or even if he would try to touch her. Clearly this was a hostile work environment for the woman, and her lawsuit — and some of the quotes in it — establish this.

One of the crucial aspects of this case is that the employee that is the defendant in the sexual harassment lawsuit is a supervisor. This is a key point in any sexual harassment case because if the accused person is a supervisor, it allows the victim to sue the company as well as the offending employee — and the woman in this case did just that.

Another thing to remember about sexual harassment cases is that the victim is often caught up in other employment law issues. For example, the victim could be fired after complaining about the sexual harassment (which could result in a wrongful termination suit) or the victim could be treated unfairly in the workplace (which could result in a retaliation suit). These offenses can happen in combination, adding layers to your lawsuit.

Source: Des Moines Register, “Lawsuit: Woman harassed by work superior,” Grant Rodgers, Aug. 31, 2014