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Violence and unbearable working conditions cited at Blue Apron facility

With only 38 months since the opening of the Blue Apron location in Richmond, California, the facility has been cited for massive health and safety code violations. Dangerous conditions, acts of violence, and impossible working demands have plagued the warehouse since its opening. Underpaid and overworked employees are left feeling angry.

Blue Apron is a budding startup trying to transform the way Americans buy and prepare their meals. The company packages and sends out meal ingredients to customers every day around the country. In their hustle to grow fast the company is cutting corners and pressuring workers into ignoring safety. In OSHA’s inspection they found penalties resulting in $11,695 in unfit conditions.

A successful startup cutting corners for employees

The $2 billion startup is relying on a constant influx of new workers. While hundreds come in the door every week, many leave on their first day. Buzzfeed recently released their investigation into Blue Apron’s facility finding shocking stories from the workers. Workers cited unbearable pressure from managers. Cal/OSHA has received several anonymous calls stating overcrowding, freezing conditions, and asbestos. Frazzled employees have been reported being punched, groped, and choked by each other at work. In total there have been 12 calls to the Richmond Police Department since the facility’s opening.

After workers were fired for acts of violence some have threatened the company. There have been calls made to the facility from frazzled employees threatening shooting or bombing the company on several occasions. Recently an employee was fired for groping a female coworker. He then called in with a shooting threat on the facility.

Blue Apron has pressured many of their employees into working in a hazardous and unfair environment. If you have been pressured into complying with unfit working conditions with threat of punishment, reassignment, or termination then you should immediately contact an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you fight against the situation and potentially seek compensation.

Read Buzzfeeds full investigation report here.

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