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We assist those affected by negligent drivers

It is true that many traffic accidents in California and across the country are caused by drunk, drugged or clearly reckless drivers who care little for the rights of other people on the road. However, it does not take a malicious or poorly behaved motorist to cause an accident. All it really takes is a little inattentiveness or thoughtlessness.

Perhaps a motorist feels that he or she can make that one phone call or send that one text and be okay. Or, perhaps a trucking company, in the interest of the bottom line, is just not doing enough to make sure their drivers get the rest they need to operate their vehicles safely without also facing pressure from unrealistic deadlines.

Whatever the exact facts and circumstances, the carelessness and negligence of other drivers can and often does leave people seriously and permanently injured.

To give just a few examples, complex fractures, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are all possible outcomes after a serious, and usually preventable, car accident. These types of injuries can leave a victim sidelined for months if not permanently disabled. The victim will have to come up with a way of replacing lost wages, not to mention covering large medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Additionally, a person who experiences significant injuries at the hands of a negligent driver will also have to learn to deal with their injuries, and this can lead to emotional and even additional physical suffering that is very real, albeit hard to quantify precisely.

It’s important for victims of negligent drivers to remember that the other driver’s insurance company is not necessarily on their side, even if the company is behaving above board. Our law office stands ready to help victims both in California and certain other parts of the country advocate for the compensation they deserve.