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Woman sues her apartment manager after explosion

Cherika Holley filed a personal injury lawsuit against her apartment’s management company, Lindsey Management Co. after the apartment manager, allegedly caused an explosion in the building by setting of an  odor eliminator in a refrigerator that was actually designed to be used in a 10,000-cubic-foot room

According to Holley, she was lying on her couch, watching television and napping, when she “heard a hissing noise coming from outside of the apartment”.   “After a few seconds, a powerful blast in the adjoining apartment caused her to be thrown to the floor.”

A subsequent investigation revealed that the manager of the apartment complex, had placed an aerosol odor removal product (Fire D One Shot 5 oz.) that was designed to be used in an open space of up to 10,000 cubic feet, in a closed refrigerator in an attempt to deodorize it.

Holley claims she suffered hearing loss and post-traumatic stress disorder from the explosion.

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