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After Uber: Misclassification of workers in any industry

Employee misclassification has been a hot topic in the news recently as a result of the ongoing Uber controversy. However, the issue affects workers in a broad range of industries throughout California – not just drivers for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. If you are an independent contractor or a salaried employee, it might even be affecting you.

To help you find out if you might be a misclassified worker and why you should care, we recently released a SlideShare presentation.

Click through the slides above to learn:

  • Who is at risk of misclassification?
  • How can misclassification affect your pay and benefits?
  • What types of compensation might be available if you have been misclassified?

If you would like a more detailed discussion of worker misclassification, we encourage you to read our white paper, “Lessons From Uber: What Every Worker Should Know About Misclassification.”