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All employees have rights, even port truckers.

Port-trucking is an occupation many people don’t think about. Port truckers are the people who take items the small distance from factories to the ports where they are shipped to stores. This is a small but critical step in the overall shipping operation.

Although port trucking is important to the US economy, the actual drivers who do this work have been treated poorly. Port truck drivers and their families need to understand their employment law rights.

Modern Day Indentured Servants

A recent expose by the USA Today illustrates the plight of port truckers in vivid detail. Showcasing the sad story of one driver, the article likened him to “a modern-day indentured servant.”

The article lists out numerous violations of port truckers’ rights, including:

  • Forcing drivers into truck leases they can’t afford, reducing their net take-home pay to almost nothing
  • Reclaiming drivers’ trucks along with the money the drivers already paid on the trucks, leaving them nothing
  • Forcing drivers to work impossible hours and shifts, with little or no allowance for personal and family needs

These are just a few of the serious violations uncovered by USA Today’s year-long investigation into port trucking companies in Southern California.

What Can Drivers Do?

For drivers caught in this serious debt to pay for their trucks, who might think continuing to drive for these companies is their only hope, the situation might seem hopeless. However, other options remain available.

At our law office, we have seen many cases involving employers of all kinds taking advantages of their workers, in employment situations ranging from construction and trucking to a range of white-collar careers. We know without doubt that there is always a way out of this type of situation.

If you are a port-trucker looking to get out of this cycle of employment abuse, talk with an experienced employment lawyer right away.

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