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Standing up for cellphone privacy rights

When you get a call from a telemarketer, debt collector or other business representative, you expect to be warned if the conversation is being recorded.

But what if they’re recording you without your knowledge or consent?

This situation happens more often than you might think. Sometimes, victims don’t find out until much later. Other times, they find out mid-conversation, after the recording is already underway.

Understanding your rights – including the right to compensation

If this has happened to you, compensation may be available. California law recognizes the importance of phone privacy rights. Violators may have to pay you a penalty of $5,000 or more for each occurrence.

As a prominent law firm in the fight for consumers’ rights, we have made a stand against illegal call recordings. We recently published a FREE white paper discussing:

  • How to know if your conversation has been illegally recorded
  • Which types of businesses are common culprits in violating privacy rights
  • What steps to take in pursuing accountability and compensation

We invite you to learn more by reading the paper and sharing it with others. You can also contact our firm directly with any questions or concerns.