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Has your voice been recorded without your knowledge?

When you talk to a business representative on the phone, chances are you’ll hear an advisory that the call is being recorded.

On some calls, however, you don’t hear that warning – or don’t hear it soon enough – and your voice gets recorded without your consent.

These illegal recordings are more than just an annoyance. They’re a serious violation of your privacy rights.

The law is on your side

In California, it’s illegal for callers to record or intercept conversations without your permission. If you’ve been a victim of an illegal call recording, you could be entitled to compensation of $5,000 or more for each occurrence.

Our firm recently published a free white paper and SlideShare presentation discussing this important topic, including key issues such as:

  • When these illegal call recordings are most likely to happen
  • How to know if you’ve been a victim
  • What to do if you suspect a violation

We invite you to click through the SlideShare below to learn more.