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Protecting your telephone privacy rights: Compensation for illegal call recordings

We’ve all been on calls with telemarketers, banks, collection companies and other businesses when we hear the standard line: “This call is being recorded for business purposes.” Call recordings have become so standard that we often don’t even notice this warning.

But what if your voice gets recorded without your consent? What if the caller fails to inform you that you’re being recorded – or only tells you after the conversation has already begun?

This situation is more common than you might think. And if it has happened to you, you could be entitled to compensation.

Your rights matter

Illegal call recordings are more than just a minor oversight. They infringe on your basic privacy rights. They capture not only your voice but also, potentially, personal or confidential information. They’re an affront to your dignity.

Fortunately, California law takes a strong stance against violators.

Our firm recently published a FREE white paper addressing this important topic. Entitled “Privacy On The Line: Illegal Call Recordings And California’s Invasion Of Privacy Act,” it covers:

  • Your right to not be recorded without your consent
  • What types of businesses are most likely to violate your rights
  • How to know if you’ve been a victim of illegal call recordings
  • How to hold violators accountable and pursue compensation

We invite you to download the paper and share it with others. You can also contact our firm directly if you have any questions.

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