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How can an individual prove their sexual harassment case?

Todd M Friedman proving sexual harassmentIf an individual in California is subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, their first instinct might be to file a lawsuit. But before they take the matter to court, they’ll need to gather crucial evidence to prove that the harassment took place. Otherwise, their case might be dismissed. Here’s what people need to launch a sexual harassment case.

What types of evidence do individuals need to prepare a sexual harassment case?

To prepare their sexual harassment case, the individual should gather any communications between themselves and the offending party to prove that harassment took place. This might include emails, text messages, voicemails and other forms of communication that involved sexual harassment.

If witnesses were involved, the individual should be prepared to request a witness testimony. They should also gather the complaints that they made about the harassment as well as the company’s response to their claims. To make their case even stronger, they can bring a copy of the employee handbook to prove that the harassment should not have been tolerated by the company in question.

What are some forms of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms. One popular form of harassment is “quid pro quo” where an employer asks their employee to perform sexual favors in exchange for rewards like a promotion. Another form of harassment is creating a hostile work involvement by making lewd comments, showing the employee inappropriate images or touching them inappropriately.

How can individuals prepare a sexual harassment case?

To prepare a workplace sexual harassment case, an individual may want to hire an attorney. An attorney may educate their client on the types of sexual harassment and help them determine if wrongdoing took place. The attorney might also help collect evidence and file a lawsuit in court.

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