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Learn what every worker should know about the Uber controversy

Uber has been in the news recently due to allegations that the company misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. What you may not know is that employee misclassification is serious issue affecting workers in nearly every industry throughout California and beyond – and it could be affecting you.

Do you fall into either of these two categories?

  • Independent contractors
  • Exempt (salaried) employees

If so, worker misclassification could be depriving you of the wages, benefits and important legal protections that you are entitled to by law. To help you understand this important issue and why it matters, we recently released a new white paper titled “Lessons From Uber: What Every Worker Should Know About Misclassification.”

This paper provides valuable information to help you determine whether you may be a misclassified worker, and if so, how it may affect your pay, benefits and legal rights. If you have questions or concerns about misclassification at your job, we invite you to contact the Law Offices of Todd F. Friedman, P.C., at  to discuss the situation and learn about your options.