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SlideShare Gives an Overview of New Overtime Rules

If you work in a salaried position, you probably understand the pressure to work more hours each week. But the base salary requirement hasn’t increased since 2004. Things are about to change.

If you earn less than $47,476 ($913/week) and routinely work more than 40 hours per week, a new rule will soon provide some help. To explain more about the update to federal regulations, we put together a white paper titled “Overtime: Are You Eligible Under Expanded Federal Regulations?

Estimates are that as many as four million employees will be affected by the new rules. They will be implemented at the beginning of December.

What can you do if your employer takes no action?

You should ask questions and learn more about your rights. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for raising the salary issue.

We highlight key takeaways in an easy to skim slide deck. Please read the SlideShare here:

Read our full white paper to get answers and find about whether you might soon qualify for overtime or fewer hours.