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The Feds Are Getting Involved With Sexual Harassment Cases

Most women who have been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace feel like there is little to nothing they can do to protect their rights. At most, they might consider calling a lawyer but they still usually feel like they are on their own.

There is good news for at least one harassment victim: The federal Justice Department is getting involved. The possibility of the entire weight of the federal government standing behind workplace harassment victims could have a major impact on the employment landscape for years to come.

United States Justice Department A Recent Case

According to, the federal government is getting involved in a recent harassment case in Houston. The case involves some particularly ugly examples of harassment against women firefighters in a Houston fire station.

The lawsuit filed by the Justice Department, is “the first in its new ‘Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Initiative,’ focused on fighting sexual harassment and gender discrimination in government agencies.”

The Possible Impact of This Initiative

Although the Justice Department is limiting its focus on harassment in government agencies, it is entirely possible that the federal government’s involvement in fighting sexual harassment in the workplace will have a much broader impact.

As these cases continue to gain public attention, it puts everyone on alert that inappropriate behavior in the workplace will not go unpunished.

Women have the right to never have to face harassment and abuse in their workplaces, and this initiative by the Justice Department is one more in a series of recent events that helps harassment victims exercise their rights.