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A class action lawsuit was filed against Western Dental Services, Inc., for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).

On October 9, 2012, in the Southern District of California, a class action lawsuit was filed against Western Dental Services, Inc., for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).  Natalie Murdock v. Western Dental Services, Inc. 3:12-CV-02449.  Western Dental has over 200 offices and provides dental services to thousands of consumers throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.  The TCPA limits the use of automatic dialing systems, prerecorded voice messages, and unsolicited text messages.  Agruss Law Firm, LLC, and The Law Offices of Todd Friedman, P.C., represent Ms. Murdock in this TCPA class action lawsuit against Western Dental.


Last year, Western Dental allegedly began placing collection calls to Ms. Murdock on her cell phone for a debt she did not owe.  Despite repeatedly informing Western Dental that she is not the debtor, Western Dental placed robocalls to Ms. Murdock and left automated messages on her cell phone.  Unfortunately, far too often creditors and debt collectors harass consumers over debt they do not owe.  Ms. Murdock took proactive steps to stop the harassing calls, but apparently Western Dental did not get the message.  It was not until Ms. Murdock hired Agruss Law Firm, LLC, and The Law Offices of Todd Friedman, P.C., to fight for her rights that the calls stopped.


Today, consumers receive more robocalls and unsolicited text messages than ever.  Technology is the reason.  Companies use autodialers to send out thousands of phone calls and text messages every minute for an incredibly low cost.  What is a robocall?  If you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, that’s a robocall.  Similarly, if someone leaves you a prerecorded message, that’s a robocall, too.  If the recording is a sales message, and you haven’t given your written permission to get calls from the company on the other end, then the call is illegal.  Period.


So, what should you do when you get a robocall?  Hang up the phone.  Do not press 1 or any other numbers to get off the list.  Then, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free consultation.  The Federal Trade Commission has stopped billions, yes billions, of robocalls in the last two years.  Agruss Law Firm, LLC, will do the same for you.  We will aggressively enforce the law to stop robocalls.  Not only will we stop the calls, but you may be entitled to money damages, too.  Damages in TCPA cases range from $500.00 - $1,500.00 per call or text.


was the call from 626-668-8221? just got the fifth call from that number. the robovoice says "Hi , this is John from Dental Services." I asked if he was a person or a machine and it hung up. If this is the same company, I'd love to join your class action lawsuit.

Hi Savta, I'm sorry you are having that problem. I'm going to email you to discuss your issue a bit further. Whether, the number is Western Dental or not, it sounds like you have a good case and I would be happy to help you with it.

I have been dealing with a similar issue. I have been receiving phone calls from Western dental telling me to pay a debt that I do not owe. I have delta dental and have not used western dental since 2003, to which all services had been paid for. I am a state employee and the first year i had to have western dental. In 2004 i dropped western dental insurance and became a member of delta. They have even sent my alleged debt to a collection agency who sent a letter to my mothers house. I have also received numerous phone calls from the collection agency. I have told western dental on numerous occasions that this is not my account or debt. I am very upset about the whole thing. When i told the collection agency of this mess up they informed me that this happens all the time with western dental. I would love to join this lawsuit as well.

I went to see Western Dental because an old crown I had previously fell off, Western Dental said it had tooth decay that's why it fell off. The asked me to sign a contract to finish the work. I did on Sat 3/9/13 on 3/10/13 the temporary crown came off, 3/10 I called the after hours number and left a message with their exchange that I needed to come in and get it fixed. Monday 3/11 no call back, called 3 times, no call back. Called Corporate office they called said supervisor will call back, Never called back all day. Sent Certified letter cancelling contract, delivered and signed on 3/12/13 and issued stop payment on down payment. Been getting calls from them since 3/19/13 now saying I need to call immediately, non stop, then got letter today from them saying my check was returned for insufficient funds and they are going to report me for writing bad checks and I'm still in contract. I am sending them a copy of the letter again cancelling along with signed receipt from Postal and a confirmation from my bank of the stop payment not insufficient funds. I hope this is the end, but not sure with all the crap I hear they do.

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