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Blinding Personal Injury Lawsuit

Franck’s Compounding Lab located in Florida allegedly sold contaminated surgical dye to eye surgeons that blinded patients or damaged their eyes, according to five federal complaints.   These injuries have sparked 2 Los Angeles lawsuits against the pharmacy.

The most recent lawsuit in Los Angeles was filed by Jim  Hermanson who claims that Franck’s dye, “tainted with filth, putrid, or decomposed substances,” gave him an infection, resulting in blindness in his left eye after his eye surgery.
“Investigations by numerous state, county and federal health agencies concluded that Franck’s BBG was adulterated and not sterile and that the defendants had violated numerous federal rules and regulations,” the complaint states.

The FDA has confiscated samples of Brilliant Blue G which contain the same bacteria and microorganisms found in patients’ eyes.  “The FDA investigators observed numerous instances of unsanitary and inappropriate practices by compounding technicians who left and re-entered clean rooms without changing lab coats, who were touching non-sterile items while wearing their sterile gloves and then returned to compounding activities,” the complaint states.

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